Short-term rent

Not later than several years ago, short-term rent was equally treated with awe and suspicion by both owners and tourists. Luckily, today is looks slightly different, experiences were obtained and new business was built.


A tourist visiting new city not always has time or willingness to find out what it has to offer. To the rescue come the owners of the apartments or agencies working on owners behalf. Apart from peace and privacy, newcomers may learn on the city from the experience and perspective of the long-time resident with the priceless knowledge on where to eat best or what to see as one of numbered lucky tourists.


The property itself is another story. The rent of the apartment allows one to forget the tiny hotel room for sake of some savings, especially when for the same price the market make the apartment available with lots more of comfort and space. Just like that, the tourists has the fully-equipped kitchen for personal use, instead for prepared, usually overpaid, meals served at the particular time frame. In comparison to small attached to room bathroom, the tourist may use the full-size corner tub with hydro massage options or simple shower. Above all, the private apartment is far from amass of tourists in hotel space.


All of this sounds like a dream. However, we often do not trust the offer catchiness. Reasonable. In time of the Internet, everyone may offer everything. We are not sure when it is time to make the payment. Hardly anyone guarantees everything will be as agreed. We often take a risk to spend holiday in a new place and we worry will our money not be obtained by the particularly ill-intensioned host. We often are disappointed by untrustworthy offers lacking valid information, hidden costs, or false photos. Let’s try it, nevertheless.


Make sure your worries will not be an obstacle from finding our new wonderful places, new people, new memories. We make sure for you to find you the apartment tailored for your needs, expectations and budget.